This is a presentation based on the key highlights from Erika Hall's Just Enough Research. This was presented to the UX Abu Dhabi Meetup in 20 Oct 2014 at twofour54, Abu Dhabi. The slide deck was used to guide the conversation.

This meetup is open to anyone of all skills in design, development, research etc. 
Design research is a hard slog that takes years to learn and time away from the real work of design, right? Wrong.

Good research is about asking more and better questions, and thinking critically about the answers. It’s something every member of your team can and should do, and which everyone can learn, quickly. And done well, it will save you time and money by reducing unknowns and creating a solid foundation to build the right thing, in the most effective way.

In Just Enough Research, co-founder of Mule Design Erika Hall distills her experience into a brief cookbook of research methods. Learn how to discover your competitive advantages, spot your own blind spots and biases, understand and harness your findings, and why you should never, ever hold a focus group. You’ll start doing good research faster than you can plan your next pitch.

• Enough Is Enough
• The Basics
• The Process
• Organizational Research
• User Research (Read an excerpt from this chapter online)
• Competitive Research
• Evaluative Research
• Analysis and Models
• Quantitative Research
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